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Being a member of Football Helps means …

. . . living a life of peace and being a role model to others.​

We respect and accept all humans, without regards to nationality, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation or age and treat each other with dignity. We want to serve as role models and help where we can. Civil courage is one of our core values. It is our goal to set off societal processes that benefit the peaceful future of Burundi. 


. . . acting without any political intentions while representing the Football Helps Foundation. 

Football Helps has no political agenda or dependency. We do deal with social challenges, are open to any constructive dialog and support reflective thinking. Therefore we regularly reflect on our own views and actions as well. It is our goal to foster inclusion and collaboration. 


. . . gaining motivation for all activities for the Football Helps Foundation from one’s own wish to contribute to this project and to value the voluntary work of all. 

Our motivation to contribute comes from our own understanding that our social engagement is important and meaningful. We do not expect any form of remuneration or monetary benefit, but acknowledge our important values – friendship, companionship and development! It is our goal to do good for the community, not for oneself. 

. . . supporting the children of our society appropriately and holistically in their development and accompanying them on their way

We provide a safe environment and community for children and teenagers, where they are supported appropriate to their age. One of the essential aspects of our work is to deal with ethnical differences openly and sensitively. Our goal is self-confident, reflective and competent children, who are going to grow and develop the future of Burundi’s society.  


. . . introducing children to their possibilities and supporting them to improve their personal environment themselves. 

We support autonomous thinking and include the children and teenagers in some decision to strengthen their self-competency and capacity for teamwork. 
It is our goal to raise the children’s awareness for important issues and at the same time to motivate them and show them how they can actively achieve change.