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Our Project

"Football Helps" 

The Football Helps Foundation (FHF) organizes football tournaments all year long for children between approximately 8 and 12 years of age. Their age must be understood as an orientation but not a strict criteria for exclusion. The tournaments take place either twice or three times per year, depending on the composition of teams. During the tournament breaks teams, but also individual players, have the opportunity to sign up for the upcoming one. The enthusiasm to be part of the FHF projects is very high. The individual tournament plans are created in cooperation with the team in Austria.

Each activity, which the children can participate in, adds points to their teams for the tournament. Such activities include the weekly games, but also monthly social work and workshops.
This way the children’s enthusiasm for sport can be transferred to other areas of life and is easily integrated in all activities.  

Through the cooperation with other local organizations, a wide spectrum of activities can be coordinated and made accessible to the children, which provide the best chance for a long-term and sustainable change in the local community. At the same time these activities make the public aware of topics like environmental protection, hygiene, children rights and many more. 

These projects are sustained through the good exchange between Burundi and Austria. It is understood as a sign of the importance of cultural exchange.